How To Keep Your Home Safe From Water Damage

Every year, millions of Australians struggle with the consequences of water damage to their home or properties. Many would eventually find that it would have been cheaper or would have saved their home if they been proactive and arranged for repairs and restorations promptly. Homeowners must recognise potential water damage and hire an experienced and trained professional to measure the extent of damage and restore their home. Water damage can put the residents and the property at risk. Many underestimate the level of water damage resulting in one of several tragic outcomes that will be addressed later. Homeowners should also know the health concerns associated with water damage.

What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage is caused by several factors and the risks vary based on the severity of the damage. Faulty appliances can cause damage, and the severity of the damage depends on the design of the appliance and its location. Washing machines and dishwashers may leak or overflow and can cause water damage. Broken pipes in the foundation can cause water to stagnate in unseen locations and go unnoticed before water spots appear on walls or the ceiling. Other common problems such as damaged sump pumps and overflowing toilets can lead to severe water damage. The most destructive cause of water damage is natural disasters and inclement weather, which are largely not preventable by routine maintenance. Regardless of the source, any untreated water damage can cause massive headaches and expenses for homeowners.

Potential Risks Associated With Water Damage

There are several health hazards linked to water damage, which many are not aware of. The development of toxic mould is one common risks of water damage, especially in unseen locations. In affected environments, countless strains of mould can spread, posing significant health concerns to humans. Long-term exposure to mould is more frightening, as it has been linked to several cancers and severe, potentially life-threatening infections. Besides mould, water damage can expose humans into contact with different harmful microorganisms that can cause serious illness and even death. Because of the potential health risks associated with the water damage, it is extremely important to call in a professional to assess the seriousness of the damage and restore the home. Hesitation to call in a professional water damage restoration expert will not only cost homeowners more money, but it will take a toll on their health and their family’s as well.

Don’t Risk It, Call In An Expert!

Often, fixing a leak or the water source is not sufficient to resolve any unexpected problems. If the wood is exposed to water for a prolonged period, it will rot, damaging the structural integrity of the property. A large portion of damaged wood must be replaced to prevent future collapses. Water can also cause delamination of construction materials, which can also compromise structural integrity leading to hefty price tag down the road. Most homeowners often underestimate the extent of water damage because water seeps down into unseen locations and cause damage. Only a professional would know where to check. Not calling in the experts fast enough because most homeowners don’t want to spend for restoration can end up costing more than the initial repairs. If the damages are severe and beyond restoration, the place would be deemed unfit to live in and it can cause complete loss of property. Because certain types of water damage are not protected by standard insurance plans, a loss in principal interest in the house can also incur. It is also critical for homeowners not to place their families’ health at risk by attempting to assess the risks of household disasters on their own. The best way to restore a property if a disaster has occurred is by calling a certified water damage restoration expert. Call in an expert, don’t take chances with your health or your home, it might just be the significant call you ever made.

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