7 Signs You Need a Professional For Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners know basic skills to handle clogged drains in their homes. Usually, a liquid rooter or a snaking does the trick. But things get more complicated when there is a problem with your sewer drain. If not handled properly with expert care, this can lead to serious problems for your home. It can be difficult to distinguish between a minor concern and a potentially major one. Here are a few signs that you should call a professional sewer cleaning service.

  1. Frequent Clogs

Shower drains clog more frequently than any other fixtures in your home because of hair accumulating during showers. If you regularly have to snake out your shower drains, perhaps you may not be clearing the entire clog every time. These small strands of hair can move their way down the drain and cause obstruction. In these cases, only a professional can remove the clog from the sewer drain.

  1. Unpleasant Odours

Foul odours emanating from your sink, shower drain, or other fixtures can signify water backing up to the individual lines from the main pipe. Any drain fixtures such as those coming from your bathroom are fitted with a U-shaped pipe to hold water. This water stops the intrusion of sewage odours into the home. The water could be leaking or, if you haven’t used your toilet in a while, the water may as well have evaporated. You should find this pipe first and pour water into the U-bend. This could fix the foul smell.

  1. Toilets Backup

Often, sewer drain problems become apparent first in your home toilets. Most toilets have a direct link to the sewer drain, and they are also the largest drains in your home. Therefore, any problems with your sewer drain will show up in your toilets before any other fixtures. Many homeowners may find this when your neighbours’ toilets become clogged at the same time. Tree roots trigger occasional sewer drain problems as they grow into the water main. The easiest way to find the origin of the issue is to employ a toilet auger or snake extended to at least 6 ft. In most cases, it should be sufficient to move through the toilet line.

  1. Water Backing Up

Wastewater from your home exits via a single waste system. When this system is clogged, sewage water spills into your home. This will be evident in floor drains and toilets, specifically the ones in the basement or underground. Please be careful not to walk into any water that could be in direct touch with an electrical socket, if water enters your home.

  1. Multiple Clogged Drains

 Usually, one clogged drain could mean that something is obstructing the flow of water. If several drains in your house are clogged, then you probably have a sewer drain issue. This becomes highly evident if different drains in your home are interrupted, such as the sink and the toilet.

  1. Gurgling Noises

As water moves through a clogged pipe, it has to manoeuvre around whatever is causing the clog. It causes air to come out of the pipe. The air passes through the water and creates a sound that you can identify as gurgling. You may have an issue with the drainage system if you can hear it in one of the pipes. However, as all water exits the house via the same system, gurgling in some fixtures indicates that you need to clean the sewer, as the problem could be triggered by a back pressure buildup.

  1. Bizarre Occurrences in Your Fixtures

Depending on the type of system the reactions vary. Many homeowners report their toilets bubbling when they turn on their sinks. Some report water flowing into the bathtub and flushing the toilet as a result.

Residential plumbing systems are simple. Your home’s water main connects to a municipal sewer or a well. Your water line consists of several pipes that connect to your sink, toilet and other fixtures. Knowing these signs can help you find the origin of the plumbing problem.

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