CCTV Inspections Help Home Owners See the Drains Below Ground

Drainage systems cannot be overlooked since they are underground and concealed. Leaking drains are one of the most serious drainage problems that can affect any kind of house. Drains and sewerage systems can deteriorate over time, causing structural issues such as wall failure or ingress from plant roots or shovels. In time, this will exacerbate the problem, which will manifest itself on the surface as flooding. If there are sufficient inspection chambers and they are not blocked off, the homeowner can visually check most drains reasonably quickly. At this point, you can evaluate your property’s inspection chambers. Are they readily accessible, or has someone erected a fence panel or a small wall?

Visual Drain Inspections

Rising manhole covers and running water through the drains from within your home are all that is needed to inspect the drains; you can then see water running in the drainage system. When opening a drain cover, be careful not to injure your back or knees, and make sure nothing falls in, even toys or hardware. Anyone with an old drain system should be aware that drains built several years earlier do not have inspection rooms, and that the only way to see through the drainage system is with a small camera.

If any of the following cases may be found in the chamber, there may be cause for concern:

  • Tree roots have taken up residence in the chamber and some of the connecting pipes.
  • Instead of running into the system, stagnant water sits in the drainage channel. If you notice dark and probably putrid water, there is almost definitely an obstacle.
  • Debris in the channel, which may have come from a section of the drain upstream from your place, would show the drains’ general state of disrepair.

If you have any concerns after your drain inspection, you can contact a drainage professional to perform a detailed CCTV drain survey to determine the true cause of the issue.

CCTV Inspection Surveys are Inexpensive

Small, high-quality CCTV cameras are now inexpensive, bringing the cost of a CCTV survey within reach of most homeowners. CCTV drains surveys include the installation of a small-scale CCTV camera into the drainage system to detect any issues that are not visible above ground. These surveys may be used to detect existing issues or as part of a preventative maintenance program without the need to dig a crater. CCTV surveys of drains, pipes, and sewers may also provide a reliable, visual, and cost-effective method of detecting drain problems, identifying the cause of the problem, and determining the most cost-effective repair options.

Benefits of CCTV Inspection Surveys

A CCTV inspection may be carried out with no hassle and disruption, but it quickly establishes the truth. A CCTV survey entails placing a television camera into the sewer and capturing what it sees. A CCTV survey will not determine if drainage is watertight or leaky, but it will identify and locate areas of damage or obstruction. By analyzing the CCTV survey, the drainage engineer would be able to locate the problem area without having to drill expensive exploratory holes in the earth. At this stage, a maintenance scheme will be developed, and while a hole will need to be dug, it would be at the same site of the problem, reducing costs and disruption.

Drain assessments are now used as part of many industrial companies’ routine maintenance plans. In these circumstances, the survey can reveal no issues at all. This isn’t a bad result, because it gives the company owner peace of mind that they won’t be hit with a surprise bill in the future. They should also be assured that if a blockage results in flooding of their company grounds or pollution of their products for sale, they will not be breaking any rules.

After a patch has been made, CCTV images can be obtained. If the drainage contractor includes this as part of their operation, you’ll be able to see the outcome of their efforts and have peace of mind that a job well done has been completed before you pay the final bill.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

CCTV surveys are no longer only for troubleshooting when a crisis has arisen; it is now standard practice for prospective homebuyers to schedule a drain survey before closing to uncover any possible and expensive problems. While underground drains are not visible, they should be examined as part of the overall purchase valuation, particularly if you are purchasing a new home. Drainage systems are complicated, and maintaining them can be expensive if it necessitates excavating large fields of soil. Recognizing the high cost of drain maintenance, CCTV surveys performed before the purchase of a home can be cost-effective purchases that pay for themselves several times over.


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