4 Simple Tips to Keep Your Drains Free from Blockage

Clogged drains are annoying and inconvenient for any setting. Clogged drains will bring everything to a halt, and you would then need to do a lot of work to have them operating as efficiently as before. The truth is any obstructions can result in expensive repairs, yet they could be prevented. You are not the only person at your residence utilising the basins, baths, as well as other features; this makes it challenging to manage what happens when others are using. But there is always something you could do to maintain your floor drains, bathroom drains, and sink drains free from blockage.

  1. Always Make Sure the Filters Are in Place

The filtration systems over the drains are created in a way that they let water empty off without letting intrusive components that might lead to clogging move through. Make sure that these filters are high-quality and are firmly in place; therefore, they do not wobble out of place, letting other materials pass through. Opt for drains that are good enough to permit an easy movement of water whilst keeping all solid residues out.

  1. Clean the Filters Regularly

Besides making sure that the filters are always in position, you must also clean any built-up solids around your filters after every use. Letting the solids stay in the filtration system raises their chances of getting washed into the drains leading to the blocks. Remove them yourself by hand if you are using the kitchen sink or sweep them off on floor drains. This is to ensure that filters are as clean and clear as possible they can be with every use.

  1. Eliminate Residues Immediately

Fats and grease residues are the common blocking material for kitchen drains. Instead of pushing them down your drain, it is better to get a trash can near your kitchen sink where you could put grease and fat for correct disposal. The build-up of greases on piping eventually results in blockage, making it tough for water to pass through efficiently. It may help to pour hot water through your drains every once in a while, to keep this sort of block from occurring, but keeping the greases out is the perfect solution. Also, it is important to always keep hairs from the kitchen sinks and drains since they easily lead to clogging.

  1. Identify the Issues at the Earliest

The earlier you can determine a draining issue, the easier it will be to deal with it before it escalates. The most common indicators of blocked drains are slowed water flow and bubbling when water moves down the sink. If your filter comes off, you can try locating the materials causing the blockage or use a water pump to alleviate the issue. If you do not know how to solve it, contact a trusted local plumber to handle the problem before it becomes too complicated and costly. Never overlook these symptoms as they can cause bigger problems to your drainage system, ending up costing you dearly.

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