What Smell Is In My Kitche?

Is there a strange, unpleasant odour in your kitchen? Something that persists no matter how many times you mop or take out the garbage? Examine your kitchen sink.
Your kitchen sink may be the most used plumbing appliance in your home. If there’s an issue, chances are the food you throw down the garbage disposal or the oil you rinse off dirty dishes isn’t being adequately eliminated from your home.
When food or grease gets stuck in the pipes of your kitchen sink, it begins to rot. Rotting food or other waste can emit foul odours and serve as a breeding ground for germs and pests. Even if you don’t have a disposal, the debris that goes down the kitchen sink drain may rapidly accumulate and begin to smell. Here are a handful of plausible causes for a sour stench in your kitchen sink, as well as what you may do about it.


When you pour cooking fat or vegetable oil down the drain in your kitchen sink, it can congeal and stick to the edges of the drain, disposal, or lower pipe. The grease then begins to degrade and catch further falling particles. Soon, an uncontrollable rotten odour rises from the sink and into your kitchen.
Pour roughly a cup of baking soda down the drain of your kitchen sink. After that, add roughly the same amount of vinegar and let aside for 10 minutes. While the mixture is working, heat a saucepan of water. After 10 minutes, dump the hot water into the sink. The baking soda and vinegar should bubble up and eat away at the fat in your drain before flushing it all out with hot water.


Scraps of food or other muck can become caught on the blades of your garbage disposal. That food rots and begins to stink. If you often use your waste disposal, problems will arise.
You use it to run hot water.
You don’t have any water running.
Your garbage disposal is older.
Take two cups of ice cubes and one cup of salt. Turn on the cold water in the kitchen sink and run the garbage disposal for about 20 seconds. After that, throw the ice and salt into the garbage disposal. Allow the disposal to run until all of the ice cubes have been removed. Cutting up the ice in cold water should have helped wash away the sludge that had become entangled in the blades.
Drop lemon, grapefruit, or orange rinds down the disposal while it’s running with ice to help avoid odors. Lemon juice and vinegar can also be added.


If your kitchen sink smells more like a sewer than rotten food, the trap may be clogged. The trap in a kitchen sink is the ‘P’ or ‘U’-shaped conduit just beneath the sink basin. The trap’s duty is to keep sewage gas from backing up into your house from the pipes. It’s also useful for finding missing wedding bands.
A sewage smell usually indicates that the water in the trap that prevents sewer gas has evaporated. If the sink hasn’t been used in a while, this can happen. If that’s the case, all you need to do is run the sink and let the water refill the trap. While the water is running, keep an eye on the trap to ensure it isn’t leaking.
If it doesn’t work, remove the trap, empty it, clean it with an old toothbrush and a cleaning solution, then reinstall it. Clogs in kitchen and bathroom traps can form. They may need to be cleaned on a regular basis, but if the problem persists, please contact us.


If you notice a sewage odour coming from your sink and don’t believe the trap is to blame, the vent is the next most probable cause. The plumbing drain vent is a long, thin, vertical shaft that connects your main sewage line to the outside air. The pressure within the pipe leading to your sewage is stabilised by this shaft vent. Without it, water may leak from your sink’s trap, allowing sewage gas to enter in.
Plumbing vents are positioned on the house’s roof. When they don’t operate, it’s typically because something is in the way, like a bird’s nest or a piece of garbage. There might also be a leak in the shaft of the vent, which would interfere with pressure mitigation or potentially allow sewage gas into your home. In any instance, you should consult with a specialist. Clearing a vent obstruction may not appear to be a difficult task, but roof chores are always more difficult than they appear.


If your kitchen sink stinks, maybe one of these easy remedies will help. If the stink is caused by a simple blockage, plunge with a cup plunger.
If you’ve done everything and still have a foul odour, give us a call. There are several reasons why SWR Plumbing is the most trusted plumbing service in Melbourne. We promise that with our pipe cleaning technology and years of knowledge, we will locate and cure your problem and restore the scent of your kitchen.